Your tailor-made web projects!


Why choosing our web agency?

Nowadays, an effective web agency is one that can identify the issues and expectations of the client’s business sector. This is essential in order to be able to best meet the needs of the business. Aware of this reality, we provide you with a high level of expertise to achieve your digital strategy. We do not only take care of the technical design of the site chronicroqueuse.fr, we also offer you a complete support in your SEO strategy. Throughout the project, we remain at your disposal.

Our web expertise

We see your digital business as a set of processes, from the design of your site to traffic optimisation.


The technical functionalities of a website, such as Loving My Life Blog, should meet the requirements of the Internet users.


We orient the graphic design of a website with the aim of giving a good user experience to visitors and web surfers.


All our experience and expertise is used to give websites top positions in search engine results pages.

An analysis of your market situation1
We offer you tools to monitor the effectiveness of your digital communication strategy. This will enable you to obtain data that can be used to improve your SEO strategy.
A well-defined digital strategy2
We support you in the development of your digital strategy so that it is specific to your business, measurable, achievable (realistic), and temporarily defined. The ultimate goal is sales development.
Monitoring the digital strategy of your competitors3
Never forget that in the digital world, your competitors have the same objective as you: online visibility. So you need to work with tools that allow you to have regular data on their strengths and weaknesses.
A content creation strategy well adapted to your needs4
Depending on the type of your business, the media and distribution channels you need may vary. Blog articles, e-books, white papers, infographics,… We will guide you towards the types of content best suited to your business.
An accurate measure of your web5 performance
We help you define the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) that will be used to measure your performance. These are data such as SEO ranking, time spent on the site, click through rate and conversion rate.

We work with you to set up tools to avoid broken links, 404 redirects and other problems that can harm your SEO. We also offer analysis tools allowing you to see in real time the evolution of your site’s traffic.